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Are more restrictions going to be put on landlords and letting agencies?

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Thu 30 Aug 2018

Are more restrictions going to be put on landlords and letting agencies?

Under section 21, landlord has a right to evict tenant after a fixed term tenancy ends or during a tenancy with no fixed end date. Generation Rent group conducted a poll, which shows that three fifths of respondents think tenants should have an automatic right to stay in, if they are taking care of their property and pay rent on time. Additionally, 61% say that landlords should cover tenants’ moving costs when they decide to sell or move back to property, consequently evicting tenants. Minority (21%) of respondents believe that landlords should be able to evict tenant without giving any reason, compared to 64%, who think otherwise.

Around 80% of people asked by Generation Rent group are of an opinion that landlords should be subject to more strict regulations and tenants should have higher level of consumer protection. Furthermore, more that half of respondents are in favour of tenants receiving compensation if evicted by landlord due to landlord selling or moving back in.

Some people believe that if changes to section 21 would be implemented, it would cause decrease in property availability on rental market, as landlords would feel that their rights are too restrictive. At this point, landlord can evict tenant after fixed term ends or by giving them a notice, if the agreement is with no fixed end date.