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Government's plan to address homelessness

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Thu 30 Aug 2018

Government's plan to address homelessness

In today’s economy, many find it difficult to afford to pay the rent. The private rented sector is perceived as too expensive and low-income tenants at risk of homelessness or poverty. For those, who are already homeless, it is almost impossible to find a place to live.


UK government commits to spending additional £100 million to fight homelessness with a view of expanding policy options for post-2020 to make the private rented sector more affordable.


The Government states that: “We expect the Private Rented Sector Access Fund, Move On and Supported Lettings to support a wide range of schemes. We expect that local lettings agencies…will help people navigate their housing options at a local level...make informed choices and take on properties that they may not otherwise be able to access. We think that local lettings agencies have significant potential and are keen to support them to become important parts of our rapid re-housing approach.”


In overall, the Government claims to investigate £1.2 billion to address the issue of homelessness across various programmes. There is a special Flexible Homelessness Support Grant funding, which councils can use to work more strategically. Additionally, the government is trying to engage private rented sector to bring online more homes for people who sleep rough. Ideally, this will prevent and address local homelessness pressures.